Beginner Xylophone


These xylophones are perfect for beginners. Their unique design allows children to see and hear how pitch changes. As the notes get higher the xylophone is angled up and as they get lower the xylophone is angled down.

This current design purposely has no note names so children can explore pitch with visual aid. The xylophone is pitched from C to C.

Our instruments are made of a mix of different woods and non toxic paint. These include a mixture of pine, poplar, stink wood, birch, beech and mahogany. All wood used is sustainable.

Add one of our instrument bags for the ultimate gift or memory for your little one. Please carefully read the details below to add your personalisation:

Step 1: Choose from 4 colours: Rose gold, silver or black, or gold (please contact us for more colour options)

Step 2: Choose your font option: Sonny or Gigi (pictured below)

Step 3: Choose your bag style: Plain (+$10) , Name Only (+$20) or Name + Date (+$25)

Then simply type your personalisation details into the text box below.

• Designed for children 12 months plus. Instruments should be used with a parent or guardian present. Though our instruments smell yummy, they are not for teething and some may contain small parts. 

Quality of our instruments is checked prior to shipment. We do not refund or exchange for change of mind.