In February 2021, ready and fresh to start a new school year, my music school in Sydney introduced a baby and toddler class to its program. When COVID hit we realised that we needed an option for parents to have their own set of instruments to provide a safe environment for everyone attending our classes. 

As a music studio owner and music educator we wanted to create a set of quality instruments that were sustainable and ethically made. It was important to us that we find the perfect textiles and designs to fit in with our program.

…and so Il Piccolo Dolce was born. The name is of Italian origin, to match its connection with the old music world. It literally means “The Little Sweet” which compliments the name of our baby and toddler program, “The Little Suite”. Our range was initially designed to be purchased with our music classes but In the search for the perfect Djembe we discovered an amazing range of beautifully crafted instruments that we just had to share with the rest of the world. 


Il Piccolo Dolce – curated by a mum of three, studio owner and music educator. Designed for little hands and growing minds.